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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Cateran Yomp

The Yomp (a military term for a long-distance march) is an epic adventure challenge. Teams of 3-6 people take on 54 miles (gold) in 24 hours across the rugged terrain of the Scottish wilderness. There is also a 36.5 (silver) or a 22 (bronze) mile option.
Whatever distance you choose, the Yomp will test you to your limits both physically and mentally. It will also be an unforgettable weekend with your friends and colleagues, sharing the exhilarating experience and making memories to last a lifetime, whilst raising money for soldiers, veterans and their families.
Take on the best. Take on the Yomp!  More Here  


Monday, 8 February 2016

If your sick of getting Royalty crumbs from your publisher try self publishing

My book  Watching Men Burn   is at Number 5 today in Falklands War best sellers,it was actually at number 1 last year but I did not think to get a screen shot, but as in a recent Royalty e-mail I received from my publisher they joked that It wont be enough to get you a cruise to the Caribbean, they were right there, its was not enough to even take my kids to McDonald s, thats why in future I will be going down the self publishing route, 70 % is a tad better than 5%. I cant complain as I signed a contract and it did get my name out there, but with the technology at our fingertips, you can literally do it all yourself, I mean you spend years writing your book so its worth the extra effort. There is a book of poetry coming soon....wait out !!!!