Thursday, 3 January 2013

Divert overseas aid to military and BBC: Think-tank

LONDON: A third of the money the government spends on overseas aid should be diverted to the military budget so that Britain’s armed forces can respond better to natural catastrophes like earthquakes and tsunamis, a right-wing policy institute argues. A book, published by the independently funded think tank Civitas, calls for the Department for International Development to be abolished. It also claims that the public school backgrounds of Prime Minister David Cameron and other leading ministers are part of the reason that aid is allegedly wasted on projects overseas, from which the main beneficiaries are corrupt politicians. There are causes at home with a better claim to the cash, it argues. Read more HERE

Well I agree with think tank Civitas and Jonathan Foreman apart from giving anything to the BBC, they have wasted enough of British tax payers money and the Jimmy Savile scandal was the last straw.If there is any spare cash give it to our injured veterans and the homeless many of whom happen to be ex servicemen. The Department for International Development should try developing the UK before we give away millions to dictatorships and even our enemies.

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