Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ex-Para Stephen Hood Took His Own Life

A Falklands War hero distressed by recent flare-ups in hostilities between Britain and Argentina has been found dead in his car.
Ex-Para Stephen Hood – who featured in iconic film footage celebrating victory at the battle of Goose Green – died just hours after Argentine president Cristina de Kirchner reignited the sovereignty row over the islands. Yesterday, his distraught widow Carol urged politicians to stop their sabre-rattling for the sake of traumatised veterans.
She told The Mail on Sunday: ‘What do the politicians achieve with their to-ing and fro-ing? Nothing. They should let it lie and leave it to the people of the Falkland Islands to determine their future. Read more HERE

When I first heard about the death of Stephen I was saddened , but today I learn that he like many of my fellow Falklands veterans took his own life due to his PTSD. I have been worried for some time that the 30th Anniversary of the War might lead to more untimely deaths and it seems that news coverage of the recent letter from Argentina may have contributed to this ex Para’s death. I myself suffer from PTSD and when I saw the News with pictures of the Galahad troop ship ablaze it also brought it all back to me and I felt terrible but never mentioned it to my Wife who has been fantastic in her support when I was in hospital. I now have the added problem of severe Tinnitus and I cannot honestly say that I wont take my own life at some point, although I don’t want to, unless you suffer from PTSD and  Tinnitus you cannot understand. I also fear that once this Government start to strip away the benefits of veterans with PTSD this will definitely lead to more suicides, as we might be ill but we are still very proud men and don’t like to be thought of as a burden on our Country.

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