Sunday, 27 January 2013

India test fires missile from under sea, completes nuclear triad Thanks to UK overseas aid

Bay of Bengal: After a smooth countdown at 1.40 pm today, India's missile, named BO5, emerged effortlessly breaking the balmy waters of the Bay of Bengal. The missile was launched from an approximate depth of about 50 metres, simulating exactly the conditions as would prevail during an operational launch from India's indigenously made nuclear-powered submarine bINS Arihant. The missile whose name has been variously given as Sagarika or at times K-15 or even Dhanush has finally been christened as BO5 and is a medium-range ballistic missile.Read More HERE

Apparently we are broke and we must all tighten our belts, well the poor and hard workers of the UK must, meanwhile your tax money goes to Countries like India and Pakistan and even Argentina. India should use some of its huge wealth on feeding its starving population before it starts its own Space race and nuclear arsenal.