Friday, 25 January 2013

Will British Army allow women to serve in combat roles?

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I personally believe that women should be allowed to fight in War zones, we have to move with the times, its not WW2 with the Ladies waiting at home for the boys, its 2013 and we are all in this together male and female.As with men some women will be better suited to combat than others. I'm surprised at Major Judith Webb said she believed "women were not up to the physical challenge".If this was a male saying this he would be slated for being sexist.One consequence of women fighting with the men is when they are KIA, this could have a more severe psychological consequence for those that witness the death or injury.We already have women fighter pilots, this is just the next stage in my opinion , but what do I know? would I want my daughter captured or killed by the Taliban? No , but then neither would I want the same of my son.
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