Sunday, 24 February 2013

India Builds A Helicopter Gunship while its people starve.

February 24, 2013: The Indian Army recently received the first (of over 60) gunship version (the Rudra) of the locally made Dhruv light helicopter. The Rudra carries a 20mm autocannon and up to eight guided missiles or 70mm unguided rockets. An ASW (antisubmarine warfare) version can carry sonar gear and two torpedoes. The Rudra can also be equipped for electronic warfare. The Rudra has day and night vidcams, heat sensors and a laser designator. The Rudra is basically a Dhruv with the additional sensors and stubby wings to hang weapons from. Without its weapons, Rudra can also be used as an all-weather transport or ambulance. Read More and sign petition HERE

When you can feed your starving population and stop the mass rape of women & children, maybe then you can try and become a Global superpower and win the space race.

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