Monday, 11 March 2013


The name says it all: For more than 70 years the soldiers of Britain’s Parachute Regiment have been prepared to risk their all by dropping into the toughest of war zones.
But now cost cutting means the Paras will no longer be trained to use their chutes, the Mail on Sunday can reveal.
The regiment, whose most famous sortie during the Second World War was immortalised in the film A Bridge Too Far, has been targeted by Ministry of Defence accountants keen to reduce budgets.Until now, all recruits joining the 1,500-strong regiment have undergone intensive parachute training, including a requirement to complete eight jumps before being considered ready for battle.Soldiers have had to do at least two refresher jumps each year of their service to ensure that they remain fully trained for drops behind enemy lines.Now, just a handful of recruits will receive parachute training and hundreds of more experienced Paratroopers will not do the annual jumps required to keep them battle-ready.Former Parachute Regiment officer Dan Jarvis, now a Labour MP, revealed that parachuting is being phased out and in future most recruits will not see a chute or receive specialist airborne training.Read More HERE  if you can bring yourself.

Some may argue that Parachuting into War is out dated and its better to use helicopters (Like Vietnam) I disagree. Look what an asset the French Foreign Legion Paras were in their lightening drop over Mali, rapid deployment that makes a statement, a show of strength, backed up by the toughest troop of any military using airborne forces. I never had a red beret but I respect all those that have won the right to wear one and the wings on their shoulder.If this is a cost cutting measure then its a mistake, if they want to save money, stop our ridiculous overseas aid budget and don't build the second aircraft carrier that apparently will be automatically mothballed, not to mention mass immigration and the health care and housing costs, this really is a `cut to far`, the British army is fast becoming a militia.

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